Our dedicated service for holiday lets

If you are interested in holiday lets, we can offer you our services and our expertise in the field.

Property prerequisites

Your property must, however, fulfil certain criteria in order for us to be able to manage it:

  • It must be furnished and its overall condition must be very good/excellent. If necessary, you can make use of our renovation and building works services.
  • It must be in the near vicinity of our estate agents office (in the Golden Square)
  • It must have a certain level of comfort (air-conditioning, Internet access etc.) and must be liveable in straight away

Our holiday letting services

The services we can offer to help you rent your property out for holiday lets are as follows:

  • Getting professional photos of your apartment taken and ensuring publicity on specialised websites
  • Searching for and selecting clients, replying to all questions (in English) that they might ask before renting your apartment
  • Welcoming clients on their arrival (check-in) then showing them around the apartment
  • Resolving any problems that might occur during their stay (water leaks, problems with the air-conditioning or the locks for example.)
  • Managing their departure and inspecting the apartment (check-out)
  • Cleaning and laundry services

Our charges for managing the property and for all these services amount to 25% of the rental rate.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our services and our rates.

Contact details
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